Justin Diaz Design
UI/UX Designer



"Working with Justin was an absolute pleasure for years we worked together. He designed, wire framed, created our company's entire UI and UX for Bizness Apps nearly by himself. He's a talented designer with skills the reach beyond just design as he's always looking for ways to push the boundaries of how we can make our product better. We may have moved our company down to San Diego but I have no doubt that Justin would have continued to be a solid asset to our team should we had stayed in San Francisco. And on top of all of this, I consider him a friend, always had a great attitude, & posses all the skillsets that you would want in a highly productive team member. I can't say enough good things about Justin. Feel free to reach out to me personally to learn more."

Andrew Gazdecki, CEO at Bizness Apps

Written Letter of Recommendation

"I had the absolute pleasure of building several products with Justin over the past 3 years. Justin is an AWESOME guy, plain and simple. Not only did Justin show initiative in building out our UI/UX architecture from scratch, but he also played a huge role in pushing our product forward from a design perspective. Justin's attention to detail and general UI creativity made a huge impact on Bizness Apps as a whole. All in all, Justin is a rock star and any organization would be lucky to have him!" 

Stephen Heisserer, VP of Product at Bizness Apps


"I joined Bizness Apps a few months ago and was truly impressed by what the company had been able to achieve UX-wise over the last 4 years with only a single designer - Justin Diaz. For young designers, startups can often times be challenging environments - rapid pace, lack of mentorship, and constantly shifting objectives. The fact that Justin has been able to succeed in this environment is a credit to his productivity, initiative and attention to detail - all traits I have observed firsthand in my short time working with him. Furthermore, I love that Justin is eager to keep refining his craft, further expanding his skill set from UI into IxD, UX and other design domains." 

Jim McCulloughInnovation Strategist at Brain Corp


"I worked along side Justin for several years while at Bizness Apps and he never failed to impress me. 

He is the type of employee who seems to have a never ending amount of tricks up their sleeve. Right when you think you've seen the best of his abilities he quickly shows you that he's so much more. First off, Justin has a natural gift for design, user experience and client workflows. He is also an excellent team player, quickly shifting focus from one department for another as they all clamor for his assistance. Justin is also just an awesome person to work with, he's fun, hard working and extremely talented. 

I couldn't recommend him any more highly for any position in UX/UI or design. He would be a great asset to any organization. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about my experience working along side him."

Zach CusimanoChief of Staff at People.ai