Justin Diaz Design
UI/UX Designer



I am a multidisciplinary graphic and visual artist specializing in UI/UX Design. My passion for design aligns with my interest in the study of human kind and this drives me to create products that are not only high-functioning, but provide a visually immersive experience for the user. Solving issues creatively with my designs, my focus is to provide a comfortable balance between humans and the digital products we use, while always focusing on the end user. I am adept at managing the design cycle end-to-end from generating imaginative concepts to creating and testing high functioning user interfaces. My study in anthropology equips me to better understand the human psyche; knowledge I optimize on when interacting with clients which permits me to understand their needs and implement it in the interfaces that I create.


Originally from South Gate, California, Justin Diaz is a Computer Mediated Anthropology and Art Practice Double Major who graduated from University of California at Berkeley. His favorite artist, being Dr. Seuss, Justin grew up with art around him in comics and watching cartoons like X-Men and Spider-Man from the 90’s. Inspired by these cartoons, comics, and collectible cards he began drawing at the age of 6. Justin focuses on line drawing and black and white imagery which he believes tells more of a story... Justin says that his interest in Anthropology “comes from my ability to observe the minute details about people and how they interact with each other.” He enjoys creating distinct original ideas from his studying of people and analysis of their interactions. He continues to mostly draw ink line drawings because of his control over the medium. Justin is most interested in having fun and likes to connect with his inner child. Now he is working on demonstrating his talents through a graphic design vision while incorporating his UI/ UX talents.